Maximizing Provider Network Transparency

Defacto Health maintains the industry’s most complete Insurances Accepted data set, leveraging data from health insurer APIs and machine-readable files.

We make it easy to access data on providers and the insurance plans they accept, so that you can use the data to power patient access and analytics use cases.

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Putting Insurances Accepted Data to Work

Leading solution and platform innovators have used Defacto’s Insurances Accepted data set since 2021 to support use cases for patients, providers, and payers alike:

In-network provider search & health plan shopping

Knowing which providers accept which plans helps patients make better selection decisions on both providers and health plans.

Provider network analysis

Payers now have unprecedented access to market intelligence on other payers' networks. Insights can be used to better position health plans in competitive markets.

Provider referrals

Providers can use payer network data to ensure that patients are only referred to providers who accept their plan, avoiding out-of-network bills.

Our data set, by the numbers...

Payers Integrated
0 +
Unique health insurance plans with networks in all US states and territories
0 +
Practitioners including physicians, dentists, nurses and other provider types
0 +
Provider organizations including hospitals, provider groups, labs, and pharmacies

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